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Libra's 2017 Forecast

2017 Predictions

Happy New Years...... From Ms. Shada Burks


High Hopes

Shada Burks Live Stream

I like to share good deals, the best are online!!!

Get everything you need now!! Hot!!!

Hot Price, Cool Jackets!!!!

This Jackie Is Hot too.. Will match those Boots.

I Love these Boots!!!!

Make your body wait!!!!

Stay open and ready to recieve

Kiss of Life

What Season is it?

The Swagger

Pretty as a Picture

Stand up for whatever you believe in.


Just love for crying out loud

Don't worry, stay hopeful.


Can I ask you all a question?


Good Day

I don't know why?


Why try?

We Are!!!!!

Start Now!!!!

True or False?

I like the Night life. I like to boggy in the disco light too! Do you?

Ms. Shada Burks Acting in a Play 2016*****

Martin Lawrence Live!!!!


Ms. Shada Burks, wants to know how is life treating you today? How are you Feeling? I love you all.

Never say, never....

Good for the Body...

Apricot Kernel Oil works wonders

Voting is so empowering!!!!

Jive Turkey Month

Mass fear being pumped into the World through the media.