Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I don't know why?

America,  I still love you so much!!!****** Could it be because you're so beautiful, and the Greatest Country still, no matter what, to me? Why America?


Don't let us down. Home of the Free, and the Brave, the Heart of all Nations, and Kingdom's.America

Why try?

I can't be you, but I can be me, everyday of my life. If I be you,  than who will be me?Why try?

We Are!!!!!

We R the People!!! Still One Nation under God, divided we fall, we still need liberty, Justice, and Peace for all.We Are!!!!

Start Now!!!!

It's time to start showing more goodwill towards one another. Draw Closer, nearer.

True or False?

There are two things that will stop a man dead in his tracks. Super good loving, Sunshine, and Terrible Thunder loving from a woman.